How PitchGround used Firstsales.io to grow its Marketplace by 71%

Disclaimer: PitchGround is a brand owned by operated by Little SaaS, Inc. and this case study is about how we used our own software to grow.

PitchGround was founded in 2018 by the Little SaaS team.

Its sole focus was to help online businesses grow with the help of software and education first approach.

We believe that education and software should be affordable, and easily accessible. When you combine them both, it creates a wealth of opportunities for everyone. 

To truly make an impact, the team behind PitchGround has assembled together what we call an Education-First approach to educate online businesses and help them with affordable software solutions, which earlier have been very expensive otherwise.

And like any business or marketplace, we have our own competitors that we must stay ahead of.

The way we differentiate ourselves from other marketplaces is by bringing in high-quality SaaS, rather than focusing on quantity. 

Unlike other platforms, we launch only 5-10 SaaS per month.

They go through a thorough evaluation to filter and maintain the quality standards of SaaS that are being listed. That’s the reason why not every SaaS that applies to PitchGroud gets selected as a Featured Deal.

Most of the SaaS intake happens because of cold email outreach ( almost 90% ).

PitchGround has used SaaS like Mailshake, Instantly, Lemlist…all of ‘em are good software within their own right, but according to our outreach scaling strategies, these SaaS weren’t capable enough to handle what we wanted to achieve.

Even with multiple accounts on multiple platforms, we were not able to achieve the scale and results we were looking for. 

Plus, managing 200 accounts across 5-7 platforms is a managerial nightmare of its own.

That’s why we built FirstSales.io and started using our software to focus on scalability and granular-level split-testing.

Firstsales.io helped PitchGround’s team to scale on their outreach efforts efficiently… and, more importantly, safely.

Before FirstSales we launched 100 SaaS on the marketplace in 5.5 months, averaging 18.1 SaaS a month.

But after using the features that we have on FirstSales, now in a month, we have launched 31 SaaS. That is an increase in SaaS intake of 71% 🙂

How did we do it?

We combined Outreaching, A/B Split Testing, and Email Warm up in one place.

In order to know what works, and what doesn’t, we needed A/B Testing at granular levels.

Now you might be thinking, WHAT’S THAT?

In other software, let’s say if you want to A/B test between 2 subject lines:

For that, you just need to create 2 different templates with subject 1 and subject 2 with the body and signature remaining the same.

And…creating 1 template will take you max 1 minute, right?


What if I ask you to create a combination of 10 subject lines, 10 body blocks, and 10 signatures.

That’s 1000 templates ( 10X10X10 ), and it would take you 1000 minutes to complete that.

But with FirstSales it took only 2 minutes to create this kind of combination, and we saved 998 minutes 🙂

This helped us focus those 998 minutes ( 16 Hours, 37 Minutes, and 59 Seconds ) on prospecting for high-quality leads, rather than creating templates.

Btw, FirstSales is the only outreaching SaaS to have A/B Testing of signatures as of today.

The reason we went with this level of A/B Testing is to find the best possible combination.

Wanna see the results?

We were benching 90% OPENS for every new campaign 🙂

Now, we are reaching out to more people but, in order to convert more, we needed to make the right pitch at the right time.

Creating a normal sequence to just initiate the conversation won’t do any good for scaling.

The problem that we noticed was, that people, can be plain lazy or just super busy.

When they see our emails, they actually like the offer but they are so busy (or lazy) that they don’t put the effort to write 4-5 lines for asking out more information.

So, we fixed this with events.

Events help you to shoot an email to the recipient, just after they open/click the main email (we focused on open).

Here’s what our flow looks like:

And this literally was a game changer!

For every single mail/follow-up they opened, we were directly sending them the signup instructions.

For us, FirstSales has been an advantage when it comes to cold outreaching, and a secret weapon when it comes to closing. As you can see, by simply using the events function within FirstSales a little differently, we’ve been able to increase engagements and add multiple partnerships that will bring in hundreds of thousands in revenue for PitchGround in only a few days.

Needless to say, we’re going to continue to experiment and optimize this process, but we are extremely happy about the results we’ve been able to get using FirstSales.

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