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Our Story - How & why we built

The Spark of a Dream

Udit Goenka and Oscar Hernandez were young entrepreneurs fueled by ambition. At just 25 years old, they decided to risk it all on their dream project – an outreach platform that would revolutionize lead generation.

Pooling all their savings together, a hefty $200,000+, they worked tirelessly day and night to turn their vision into reality. This was more than just a business venture; it was the culmination of their life’s purpose.

Shattered Dreams

But dreams often turn to nightmares. Despite their tireless efforts over 5 long years, the outreach platform was not taking off. Their savings dwindled as they poured more and more into a failing business.

As the platform sputtered and died, so did Udit and Oscar’s hopes. The once ambitious pair fell into a depressive funk, haunted by their now distant dreams.

Udit in particular fell into a deep pit of despair. He cried uncontrollably, fearful that his dream would never come to fruition. The man who had tackled each day with vigor was now despondent, questioning his self-worth. This was the lowest moment of his entrepreneurial journey.

Meanwhile, Oscar went into survival mode, scrambling to make ends meet anyway he could. But the emotional toll was heavy on them both.

Rising from the Ashes

But the darkest nights often give way to brighter dawns. Udit and Oscar realized that wallowing in self-pity would not bring back their shattered dreams.

They dusted themselves off and funneled their failures into fuel for the future. Joining forces with developer Lukas Liesis, they turned their attention to a new venture – PitchGround.

Built on lessons learned, PitchGround took off rapidly. Soon, the platform was generating millions in revenue, vindicating the team’s hopes.

But that unfinished business, that ghost of a shattered dream still lingered in their minds. Now seasoned with experience, Udit, Oscar and Lukas decided to rewrite history.

The Outreach Phoenix Rises

And so FirstSales was born, the next evolution of that initial outreach idea. Backed by robust infrastructure and technology, FirstSales embodied everything the original platform was meant to be.

At its core was a groundbreaking A/B/C split testing framework, the team’s secret weapon for lead gen supremacy. This level of granular optimization made FirstSales unmatched in the industry.

It took 6 long years and over $900k in personal investment from Udit to realize this dream. After multiple failed attempts, Udit nearly gave up hope.

But finally, with Lukas leading the tech charge, FirstSales v2 was built to scale. When the first major customer test drove 50 million emails in one month, Udit screamed in joy. This was the happiest moment of his entrepreneurial journey.

Today, FirstSales is the realization of a dream once shattered. For Udit, Oscar and Lukas, it represents resilience and refusal to let failure have the final say.

And for aspiring business owners worldwide, FirstSales stands as a beacon of hope. That no matter how many times you fall, you can always rise up again. The only true failure is allowing your dreams to die.