littlesaas story

Our Story - How & why we built

This is a 5-year-old journey in the making. 

Udit Goenka and Oscar Hernandez started an outreaching project roughly 5-years ago and invested all their prior earnings in the project ..aka $200,000+.

Unfortunately, this was a disaster that neither of them could ever forget because what was supposed to be a dream became a shattered dream. 

This loss and failure were hard to swallow for a small business owner. 

Udit went into a heavy depression, so was the case with Oscar, who went into survival mode. 

Why did it go wrong? Both of us screwed up without blaming anyone else. 

But the failure led them to build alongside Lukas Liesis, our Co-Founder and CTO. 

The outreaching tool was an unfinished dream, a dream that became common for all the founders. 

After growing PitchGround into a multi-million company, Udit, Oscar, and Lukas decided to make this shattered dream a reality, which is how was born. 

With modern tools, technology, and robust infrastructure, Firstsales was resurrected. 

First sales is built for modern SMBs & Enterprises who never want their pipeline to run dry. 

With the most robust A/B/C split testing solution on the internet, no other tool comes close to; this solution is FirstSales’s core USP. If anyone has to copy this solution, they will have to rebuilt their entire architecture. 

Why granular level A/B/C split-testing? Because there is also scope for improvement, and for any marketer/salesperson, A/B split testing is a way of life to improve conversions. 

Give a spin; you will fall in love with it because it will help you generate more sales.