outlook smtp settings

Outlook SMTP Settings – Complete Details

What is Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing features. 

It has had four updates as of early 2016. The latest update was in 2016. Outlook is also available as an application that supports Android and IOS devices. 

Microsoft Outlook was also released for classic Mac OS but was only made available to users if they were administrators or downloaded it themselves. The final version of Outlook for Mac is in 2001. 

Microsoft Entourage was also released in 2001 for Mac OS X but had some limitations, so it was replaced with Outlook for Mac in 2011.

Outlook SMTP settings

  • Server Address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
  • Username: Your Outlook Email Address (e.g. example@outlook.com)
  • Password: Your Outlook Password
  • Port Number: 587 (With TLS)
  • Alternative Port Number: 25 (Without TLS/SSL)
  • Sending Limits: 300 Emails a day or 100 recipients a day.

SMTP Settings For Outlook Mac 2011

Select “Accounts” from the Tools menu of Outlook Mac 2011.

  • Choose the mail account you want to set up as SMTP Outgoing Server.
  • Outgoing Server Address: mail.live.com
  • Port Number: 587
  • Check these options: “Override default port” and “Use SSL to Connect
  • In the Authentication drop-down box, click to select Use Incoming Server Info.
  • Click OK.
  • Close the Accounts window.
  • Create a new email and try to send it to yourself or another person.