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Let’s Break it down 👇

Mailshake brands itself as a Sales Engagement Platform, which is fantastic if you’re into fancy marketing jargon… but if you are looking for results, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

That’s where Firstsales shines.

You already know that both Mailshake and Firstsales are cold email outreaching automation tools. To save you precious time and a brain freeze from useless information overload, we’ll focus instead on comparing the features that matter when it comes to generating higher conversion rates, getting replies from your email outreaching campaigns, and ultimately, more sales. 🙂

The Nitty-gritty

There are 3 main reasons people look for a Mailshake alternative (yep, you’re not the only one). Every month, we have hundreds of people browsing through our alternative pages looking to make a better decision regarding picking the correct email outreaching tool. It makes sense too.

Every second you waste outreaching with the wrong tool (aka Mailshake) can potentially cost you a perfectly good lead you’d be able to engage with using Firstsales.

Here are the top 3 reasons you’re looking for a Mailshake alternative:

💸 Ridiculous Pricing: Mailshake has been steadily upping its pricing over the last couple of years. This is par for the course when it comes to companies focused on Enterprises, leaving small to mid-size businesses in the dust.

👴 Outdated Features: A lot has changed in the Cold Email Outreaching game over the last few years. While Mailshake was a great option 5 years ago, it has been surpassed by modern outreaching tools like Firstsales. We’ll dive deeper into that later on in this guide… to add insult to injury, Mailshake has pumped out “modern” features that you don’t need. But instead of rebuilding the whole thing, they have put together a nice mix of old tech with some shiny new features sprinkled with marketing jargon, and voila! – you’ve got yourself a copy of a Frankenstein-like email outreaching tool. Yikes!

⚠️ Minimal Sender Protection: This one is serious. And it’s not just Mailshake that is guilty of making your sender’s reputation as vulnerable as a newborn puppy. This is an industry-wide problem that Firstsales is tackling with the proper advancements in tech, which we’ll discuss in detail later on.

Stop Overspending

The time to grab a proper email outreaching tool that is also affordable is now. Mailshake has effectively priced itself out of the running for people like SaaS Founders, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Small to Mid Size Sales Teams.

Here’s the head-to-head comparison of pricing for Mailshake and Firstsales:

Firstsales Mailshake What does it mean?
$30 Per User/Month (Billed Monthly) $58 Per User/Month
(Billed Yearly)
If you sign up for Firstsales monthly, you pay $30 per month.
$20 Per User/Month (Billed Yearly) Full Suite: $89 Per Month Per User… Billed Yearly.
That is $1,068 for a single user if you want the entire suite for Mailshake. Ouch!
If you sign up for Firstsales and pay yearly, you save a ton of money, paying only $20/user. With Mailshake, we could only find a yearly payment option which comes out to $696 per year for ONE USER.
Get Unlimited Users for $299/Month Does not have an Unlimited Users plan. Firstsales is to go for the Unlimited Users plan at $299 per month. You can add as many team members as you want, with as many email-sending accounts as you want… all for one affordable monthly price. No more surprises on your bills next month. That feels so good 🙂 This plan will only be available for a limited time.

Keep more money in your pocket to invest in your sales team and other areas of your business.

There’s no need to overpay for an outdated tool that will yield you inferior results. And speaking of outdated, let’s take a look at the features you’re paying so much money for at Mailshake, and a bunch that you’re missing out on if you don’t sign up for Firstsales.

Definition of “Modern”

Let’s face it, Mailshake… being able to call someone is not a modern feature. 🙂

SaaS is a brutal field. With the older established tools sitting comfortably in meetings with Enterprises, they often forget that if you’re not innovating, you’re dying. 

Firstsales was built on the principles of evergreen technology. To be fair, this was not possible when Mailshake was built, so they’ve had to patch together a tool that is both catering to their more Enterprise-focused clientele and putting a good shine on a rock-solid tool of the past. 

The thing is… you need more than just shine on an old tool… you need a brand new tool, with the proper engineering to help you truly scale. 

Firstsales is built from the ground up using a modular approach that allows it to add and improve without needing an entire overhaul.

That is a huge advantage, and one that allows Firstsales to bring you features Mailshake cannot, such as:

Human Touch

Time your emails perfectly… down to the millisecond.

It’s hard to keep track of when to send your cold emails so that they actually reach the recipient’s inbox.  You could be spending hours upon hours crafting the perfect cold email, but if you’re not sending it at the right time, all that effort will be for naught. 

Human Touch takes all of the guesswork out of email scheduling. With our advanced technology, you can set the exact date, time, and frequency of your emails based on your prospect’s timezone or previous inbox activity. 

Not only that, but the “Human” part of Human Touch means that Firstsales will automatically mimic human behaviors when sending emails. 

With Mailshake, you’re limited to an old-school “robot” approach where you simply send 10-20 emails at a time… but how many times have you (as a human) sent 10 emails at the exact same time? – yeah… you don’t, because you’re not a robot. Don’t get caught using outdated schedulers… move to Human Touch immediately and enjoy the added benefits of using a proper Modern Cold Email Outreaching Tool.

Distributed Delivery

We won’t sugar coat this, Mailshake is doing you a disservice by allowing you to add “Aliases” to send emails from. The truth is, your alias has a parent user, and that user ID will be the same as all your aliases… so what’s the point?

Instead of giving you the illusion of having more accounts, Firstsales simply allows you to send emails from any number of accounts… real accounts… and distributes your cold email outreaching campaigns across all of your email-sending accounts automatically. 

All you need to do is pick the accounts you want to send from, and Firstsales will automatically choose the best ones to use at different times to ensure you’re not tagged as spam, and you have the highest possible chance to reach the Inbox. 

This means that instead of sending 1,000 emails per day using one account… you’re sending 100 emails per day from 10 accounts or 50 emails a day from 20 accounts… and you can fly under the radar! 

FirstSales also allows you to add an unlimited number of tracking domains to your account so that you do not have a single point of identity and avoid leaving footprints of your mass email outreach campaigns. 

This is why the pros use FirstSales to reach more prospects at Scale…. It’s simply the safest option to scale efficiently.

And speaking of safety… let’s talk about how Firstsales has more features that protect your sender’s reputation over Mailshake

Stay Away from Spam Traps and Blacklists

Reaching the Inbox is the holy grail of cold email outreaching… and even though your sales process doesn’t end there, it does start there.

But how exactly can you consistently reach inboxes while staying away from the dreaded “Spam Box”?

Both Mailshake and Firstsales have Email Warmup features… but that’s where the similarities end. In case you were wondering, Mailshake will charge you extra for adding Email Warmup to your account (expected 🙄) – to the tune of $29 per month per account. 

At Firstsales, Email Warmup is included with your account by default… because Email Warmup is a fundamental part of keeping your sender reputation high, and it only makes sense that you are keeping your email sending accounts warm at all times, and you’re warming up new ones for future campaigns.

But that’s only the beginning… the Email Warmup Service itself is fundamentally more advanced at Firstsales.

FirstSale’s Email Warmup is unlike anything else in the market.

While the goal of every Email Warmup Tool is to allow you to send more and more emails per day from the same account as your domain ages… our Email Warmup service comes with a complete focus on sending the right signals to Email Service Providers (ESPs) like Google, Outlook, Yahoo and iCloud about your email account being used by a human, interacting with other humans.

There’s a lot more that goes into having a proper Email Warmup Tool in place. So if you’re curious about the details, check out our page on Email Warmup here:

Closing Thoughts

At the beginning of this comparison guide, we talked briefly about Mailshake providing very minimal sender reputation protection, and how this is an industry-wide problem right now.

Let’s expand on this as we summarize our comparisons and (hopefully) drive home the point that Firstsales is the appropriate alternative to Mailshake for modern sales professionals looking to engage leads using Cold Email Outreaching.

If you’ve read this entire guide, you’ve already learned important concepts regarding sender reputation. The idea of keeping a “good sender reputation” is certainly not new. What’s new is the tools we can use to ensure we’re staying ahead of the game. Firstsales is the first Cold Outreaching Tool to be built with these fundamental principles in mind.

Everything we build at Firstsales goes through rigorous testing to ensure there are minimal to no footprints, and that the infrastructure can handle large numbers of emails with sniper-like precision.

Although Mailshake has been a great tool for cold email outreach for many years, it’s starting to show its age. If you’re cool with waiting around for the tool to be rebuilt entirely, good luck, and more power to you.

But if you’re looking to get started using a modern tool that will protect your sender reputation, allow you to use unlimited accounts, collaborate within your sales team, A/B split test at every level, and focus on conversions… then Firstsales is for you.

Sign up today for the Unlimited Plan while you still can… it’s free to try it out anyway.
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